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Brexit – the only real certainty in the short term is uncertainty

April 18, 2017

Article 50 is now triggered. Two years of intense negotiations are set to follow, leading to, well, we don’t quite…

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Modern Slavery in the Construction Industry

March 29, 2017

Ask the average person about slavery and they will probably think you’re talking about history. Even if they are aware…

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It isn’t a weakness to ask for help

March 28, 2017

In life, in business, things don’t always work out as we’d planned. Sometimes we have to make decisions with incomplete…

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How Construction is Adopting a Broader Vision of ‘Places that Work’

March 22, 2017

A new report from the UK Green Building Council highlights how construction can influence many areas of public policy. The…

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The Construction Industry Can’t Afford to Continue its Wasteful Ways

March 01, 2017

Any person walking past the average construction site can see why this industry is known for being wasteful. According to…

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The housing crisis and the questions we still need to answer

February 22, 2017

If continuing to do what we’re already doing was going to solve the housing crisis, there wouldn’t be a crisis…

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Supply Chain Sustainability School

February 03, 2017

What is the school? The School was established five years ago by a group of top construction contractors, to provide…

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UK Green Building Council

February 01, 2017

Sustainability is a broad yet complex term used more frequently to describe a manner of different topics; its importance within…

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Work Related Road Risk

January 25, 2017

Statistics show 1760 people are killed on our road each year and 30% of those deaths involve a driver ‘at…

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Land Promoter Partners – A Great Idea but Does it go far Enough?

January 18, 2017

Releasing public sector land for development is essential if we are to meet the demand for new homes of all…

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