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Where we live is one of the most important aspects of almost everyone’s lives and we always take this into consideration when considering the best design, quality and sustainability for new housing development schemes we work on.

At the heart of each project is the opportunity to make a difference in the local community, offering people a better standard of living, and dignity and pride in their homes. To do this effectively, we get involved as early in the design process as possible, working closely with our customers on creating the desired environment for those who will live there.

“Overall I have been very impressed with Osborne. They have a good reputation in the sector and, as far as I am concerned, on the evidence so far, it is well deserved.” – Chris Blundell, Director of Development and Regeneration, Golding Homes Limited


For more information on new housing development, please get in touch with Mike Peskin via mike.peskin@osborne.co.uk or 07827 840 842.

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