Osborne rail team shortlisted for industry award

Rail team shortlisted for Network Rail Partnership Awards for “STOP, THINK, CASCADE” briefing.

Our Rail team has been shortlisted for the Network Rail Partnership Awards, an awards ceremony which recognises and rewards excellence and best practice among organisations that have worked with Network Rail to help Britain’s railways run more efficiently.

We have been shortlisted for the Safety Category for our “STOP, THINK, CASCADE” briefings – monthly bulletins designed to help improve safety on our rail sites. Written by the rail team’s Managing Director, the monthly briefings are cascaded down through all site teams, including supply chain teams.

Dave Hooper, Managing Director for Rail said: “We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for this award, and are looking forward to the awards dinner at the Imperial War Museum in June when we’ll find out if we’re successful. Our “STOP, THINK, CASCADE” briefings highlight our commitment to ensuring that everyone on and around our sites is safe. It has already proved to be effective at improving site safety within our rail sector.”