First storey of LSE NCS completed

Structural work has finished on the basement of the New Students’ Centre at the London School of Economics, marking the completion of a major milestone in one of Osborne’s flagship projects.

Work started in May 2011 with the demolition of the two former Victorian hospital buildings on the site and construction of the two story deep basement and the structure for the LSE’s new venue space. Once this stage was completed, the site team successfully installed a series of transfer trusses weighing around 18 tonnes each. The trusses span the new subterranean nightclub structure to ensure complete acoustic isolation for the remaining seven floors that sit above, so the sound of partying students won’t disturb neighbours and other people in and around the building.

Our site team at LSE has made communication a key aspect of the job, setting up a Twitter handle for the project, producing regular newsletters and inviting the client on site once a week. The project won BREEAM Outstanding at the design stage and has achieved a Considerate Contractors Score of 37, a company record and significantly higher than the industry average of 33.26.

Construction work on the new seven-storey building started last year and is expected to complete by September 2013.