Osborne engineers work round the clock to help customers keep moving

As Britain is currently being battered by a wave of bad weather, Osborne is continuing to help recover rail services for customers, following a series of landslips in Botley, Hampshire.

The relentless stormy and wet weather over the past few weeks caused an 80 metre section of embankment to collapse, forcing the line to be closed. In spite of the challenging conditions, Osborne has been working onsite 24 hours a day to minimise the disruption to customers as much as possible. In some places, the track has dropped by as much as two metres.

The repair works involve building temporary access to the site, made more complex by navigating several thousand tonnes of material across flooded fields. The work is made up of tracks and cables being removed and installing lines of sheet piles to the full length. Only then can the embankment be rebuilt in between them for the line to be reinstated on top.

Once complete, these repairs will enable rail services to resume safely.