An education with Osborne

This week, Osborne launched the first of a three year annual award of £9,000 to a student at the University of Greenwich.

The lucky recipient of this year’s award is first year student Brendan Murphy, who is studying for a BSc in Building Surveying. Brendan met this week with key members of staff and to learn a little about our business.

He will be one of the first students to learn in the Stockwell Street development that we are constructing for the university which will open later this year.

The scholarship is available for students who are studying on a course that is relevant to our business. Each student who applies for the scholarship has to meet a minimum academic standard and write a short paper, both set by the University, as well as submit a statement about what the award will mean to them.

Brendan said, “It’s a great opportunity to learn and get a start in life. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thankful to Osborne for introducing me to the challenges of working life and my first step into a career in building surveying.”