Ascham Energy Partnership celebrates its first success

The Ascham Energy Partnership (AEP) is a three way partnership between Ascham Homes, Osborne and British Gas, which will improve energy efficiency for residents, in turn lowering their utility bills.

The Ascham Homes, ten storey Burrell and Rayner Towers have 44 flats in each. The project utilised a rope access company ‘Avalon’ to deliver the works quickly and cost effectively. Abseiling down the towers, the Avalon team drilled holes into the outer walls of each flat and injected ‘Instabead carbon saver’ cavity wall insulation. This expands into polystyrene material in a bead form with a bonding agent.

The project took only a week to complete each tower and ran smoothly.

Moving forward, we are awaiting confirmation from British Gas to install cavity wall insulation to another 340 properties.

Rasheed Turabi, ECO Business Development Manager for British Gas said: “This work was funded through British Gas’ Energy Obligation funding. The completion of free Hard to Treat cavity wall insulation works to Burrell and Rayner Towers in the first phase is a reflection of the efficiency of the AEP as it has taken place during a very challenging time for the energy obligation sector. The AEP after this initial success is looking to scale up the scheme and start wider delivery through this now robustly proven model.”

Jo Murphy, Deputy Chief at Ascham Homes said: “Ascham Homes are delighted that work has commenced on the AEP. I am thrilled that we are building on last year’s award winning green initiatives with the AEP.We have calculated that the work carried out to the 88 flats so far will save approximately 1520 tonnes of carbon. The Partnership will bring millions of pounds into the Borough to deliver energy initiatives and jobs for Waltham Forest residents. The current economic climate means that we are all ‘feeling the pinch’ in paying household bills and this investment will provide help where it is needed most for our residents.”

Nick Sterling from Osborne said: “Part of our role in a long term relationship such as the one we currently have with Ascham Homes is to innovate and bring opportunities for our partners. This Energy Partnership brings to life this philosophy, providing significant investment for the Borough.”

An innovative partnership has been formed between Ascham Homes (the arms-length housing management organisation for Waltham Forest Council), Osborne and British Gas.

The Ascham Energy Partnership is the first on this scale in London, and a unique three-way partnership building on existing relationships with Ascham Homes, Osborne, British Gas, and supported by Waltham Forest Council. It is designed to help reduce fuel poverty and energy bills by building on the strengths of each partner organisation.

It is a community-focused initiative, supported by the Council, providing energy efficiency advice and services to improve fuel usage and reduce carbon emissions. Works will include insulation and heating upgrades, initially to Ascham Homes properties, but with the potential to expand into the private sector in the future. Potential savings for residents could be as much as £200 a year on energy bills.