Osborne ramps up safety and education during construction work

Osborne have started enabling works for the installation of two new pedestrian access ramps to the footbridge over the tracks at Wareham Railway Station in Dorset.

Whilst these ramps will improve safety, the construction of these ramps means we are relocating the species protected under European Law: the smooth snake and the sand lizard. To meet the requirements of the law, a new habitat has been created nearby and the reptiles are being transferred carefully to their new home.

To mark this unseen element of the project, and to raise awareness of the area’s ecological importance to those using the new ramps, Osborne have installed conservation boards on both sides of the bridge. These innovative boards give information to members of the public on a number of ecological factors, including the various species living near to the Railway station area.

James Buckley, Site Manager for Osborne said: “These conservation boards have been a positive addition to the project and a great demonstration of how modern construction work has to take into account many factors and deliver flexible and innovative solutions. We have successfully started capture and relocation, so far collecting twelve sand lizards, over 40 slow worms and two grass snakes.”

Paul Richmond, Commercial Scheme Sponsor at Network Rail said: “The ramps will greatly improve safety by removing the need for pedestrians to use the level crossing. The conservation boards are an excellent way of showing rail usersĀ – and the local populationĀ – that they share their town with a wide variety of species and the measures taken to protect them.”