Osborne are paving the way with work opportunities for young people

Osborne, working for Ascham Homes, are leading the way in diverse employment opportunities. Following successful community projects which Osborne have initiated and carried out, the opportunity arose for us to offer work experience and now a permanent role to one young man with learning disabilities.

Working closely with our local communities to improve the lives of residents is fundamental in how we work at Osborne. Some of our more recent initiatives have seen us work in partnership with organisations such as Ready2Work and the Learning Disability Experience (LDX, formerly known as Waltham Forest Mencap) to help people with learning disabilities get into the workplace.

The latest and most groundbreaking opportunity to take place in the construction arena is the story of Will McInally.

In October last year, Will McInally, a local 19 year old with learning disabilities, successfully completed a work placement with Osborne where he experienced, first-hand, the skills of working with a site team and engaging with residents. He has now been offered a job with Osborne as a Site Operative.

Will has always been keen to work but, as a result of his disability, has faced constant barriers. On average, only one in ten people with learning disabilities are able to secure employment, with this figure even further reduced in the construction industry. Osborne and Ascham Homes, with their forward-thinking and inclusive ethos, welcomed Will, and their partnership has seen him gain the experience and skills which he can now transfer to his first job in the construction industry.

The impact of giving people with learning disabilities genuine work opportunities and experience can be life changing. When asked what his greatest achievement has been, Will said: “Getting a job with Osborne.”

Andrew Gratton, Property Services Service Delivery Manager at Osborne, said: “We are pleased to be involved and help provide people with opportunities in the workplace. The value of work experience opportunities for people who have learning disabilities should never be underestimated.”

Gaye Studman, LDX Service Manager explained: “It has been a joy to be involved in Will’s journey with Osborne Property Services. LDX would like to thank Osborne for their forward thinking views of employing staff with disabilities, and having the courage to make it happen.”