Osborne creates and delivers an environmentally-friendly solution

Osborne delivered an innovative solution to deal with 40 tonnes of soil excavated at the Bearsted Railway Station in Kent, by landscaping a disused area near to the station.

The soil was excavated to allow the installation of new lifts on Platforms 1-2. To minimise Osborne’s carbon footprint by transporting the soil elsewhere, the team suggested that they regenerate the land behind Platform 2, reusing the soil to create a more visually-striking landscape to be enjoyed by rail users and the local community.

Nathan Allen, Osborne Site Manager said: “We are delighted to have found such a positive solution to what could have been a costly and disruptive element of the works. Not only does this benefit Network Rail in terms of money and time savings, but it also makes the disused land more pleasing on the eye for customers. It was not part of the design, but local knowledge gained through on-site experience suggested this beneficial solution.”