Osborne will help reduce the scrum at Twickenham

Regular rugby fans to Twickenham, who use the train, will know of congestion in and around the train station. Osborne has been awarded the contract to carry out the enhancement of Twickenham Railway Station, in advance of the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

The work will include replacing the footbridge, as well as replacing the buildings on platforms two, three, four and five. We will also be resurfacing all platforms to provide step-free access to the ticket offices. As such, this will facilitate a more efficient use of space that will enable a greater passenger capacity and help meet the demands put on the station during the tournament.

Other repair and refurbishment work will also take place, including extensive drainage work that forms a significant part of the project. In addition, new platform furniture is to be provided, such as new seating and free standing cantilever shelters.

The existing concrete footbridge will be replaced with a new steel structure, with the removal and installation taking place within a single 72-hour period from 24 – 26 May.

John Dowsett, Osborne Delivery Director for Rail said: “This project will be challenging, not only in delivering top quality results, but also in minimising disruption to regular services, planned events and the local community. Osborne has achieved great success with similar projects by the meticulous planning of all activities, working carefully with the customers, suppliers and stakeholders to avoid affecting the passenger and local community experience.”

The 2015 Rugby World Cup will take place between 18 September – 10 October 2015, and expects to see around 82,000 visitors per match travelling to Twickenham. With Twickenham station a ten minute walk away from the stadium, the improvements will go towards encouraging more passengers to travel via rail.