Osborne Progresses Pier Strengthening Work on M4 Elevated Section

Osborne has been carrying out night works on the piers on the M4 elevated section which is a critical road, over the A4 in West London. 

 Osborne is mid way through the project and the work is due to be completed this later on this year.

 The work includes strengthening a number of piers on the bridge, drilling and installing stainless steel strengthening bars as well as taking the opportunity to carry out any concrete repairs. This work is being carried out now to prolong the life of the existing asset.

 Osborne Customer Programme Manager, Jamie Harrison said: “Engineers have been working from scissor lifts, which save time and delay for road users, as the roads don’t need to be closed and traffic can keep flowing throughout the works.”

 Osborne is carrying out this work on behalf of the Highways Agency as part of the Connect Plus contract.