Osborne Hits Key Milestone at Dartford Crossing Free Flow Project

Osborne is making progress on the Dartford Free Flow Charging Project, which will remove the need for vehicles to stop when using the Dartford Crossing.  

With a contract value of £3million, the project, which is Europe’s largest toll charging scheme, will see the removal of the toll booths and the installation of a remote-charging system similar to Congestion Charging in central London.

Osborne started the project earlier this year and works are being planned in phases in order to limit traffic restrictions to off-peak periods to minimal disruption for road users.

The five charging gantries have been completed on time and to budget, enabling the monitoring equipment to be installed by SANEF (the company that also manage London’s Oyster Card system). Two of these gantries have been named ‘The Angels of Dartford’ for their appearance.

Jamie Harrison, Project Manager for Osborne said:  “Work is progressing well and carrying out this work safely and with a minimum of disruption to road users is at the forefront of our planning.”

Graham Dalton, Chief Executive for the Highways Agency, expressed his thanks to the team, saying, “This is excellent news, it’s really great that you have hit this key milestone. Well done and thank you.”