Osborne Wins £9.5m Special Education Needs School in Hounslow

Osborne has been awarded, through the iESE framework a contract to extend and remodel Lindon Bennett Special Education Needs School by the London Borough of Hounslow.

This is the third school project undertaken by Osborne on behalf of Hounslow over recent months. 

The existing Catherine Parr House will be demolished, with a new two-storey block linked to the main building, enabling greater ease of movement.

The project, valued at £9.5m, will be completed by July 2016, and also includes extending the main building and refurbishing existing spaces to create a single, coherent facility, with better use of available space within the school and grounds. In addition to creating new class rooms and one-to-one areas, the project will create a more comfortable environment using open space and natural light wherever possible.

John Craig, Director for Education at Osborne, said:

“Osborne is delighted to have been awarded this further opportunity to work with Hounslow, and will bring considerable specialist knowledge and experience to this project. These improvements are much needed and will offer staff and pupils alike a great facility.”