What Does Good Look Like: ‘At a Glance’ Managing High Risk Area Safety

On a busy working site, it can sometimes be difficult to quickly visually identify if unauthorised personnel are in a restricted area. As a result, Osborne has launched an innovative new scheme called ‘At a Glance’ which helps to provide rapid clarity during high risk activities through differentiating colour.

 At Osborne’s Chichester Festival Theatre site for example, there was difficulty in quickly being able to identify if those working in high risk lighting gantry were authorised to do so under a ‘permit to work’. As such, restricted access to the lighting gantry was improved by ensuring only authorised, fully briefed staff working under a ‘permit to work’ wore pink hi vis vests. The permit number was written on the hi vis to further clarify ‘at a glance’ who was authorised to work in the restricted area. To ensure the colour coded hi vis system continued to be enforced, it was also included in the method statement.

This method was also adopted at Osborne’s Stockwell Street development for the University of Greenwich to further simplify safety management. Customer sub-contractors on site wear different coloured hi vises to Osborne sub-contractors, as the client subcontractors are restricted to areas which are issued under permit. The colour coded system instantly alerts site management who is under Osborne direct control and subcontractors have been issued and briefed under a permit to work.

Through adopting ‘At a Glance’ methods, Osborne has a greater control of the workforce which improves existing safety management operations, particularly during high risk activities. The scheme will continue to be used, primarily with plant operations and live electrical working and specialist access works.