Recycling, Rejuvenating, “Re-training”

Osborne are known for their rail works, but their property services team have taken it to another level.
Osborne found an un used wooden train which was due for the bonfire, but they revamped the train and donated it to Frederic Street Pre-School, Walthamstow.

Osborne and a team of volunteers from local companies repaired and repainted the train and put it in the playground for the children.

Vera Gibson, the Chair of Frederic Street Pre-School said:  “The result was fantastic, a beautifully restored wooden play train wrapped up with loads of balloons and some very excited children. They immediately let their imaginations run and went on a journey, taking turns to drive, sit in the carriages and climb in and out much to the amusement of parents and staff.  So again thank you again Osborne, for your superb vision and making our children happy.”