Osborne Pledges to Improve its Public Health Responsibility

The Government has launched the Public Health Responsibility deal with the aim of working in partnership with businesses and the industry to improve the health of the nation. Osborne has now signed up to this pledge for the first time.

By signing up to deliver ‘The Construction Pledge’, we can make an impact on health and wellbeing of our workforce both in our organisation as well as through our supply chain.

We recognise that the prevention and early intervention are the key to success and will take continuing action on the following:

1)      Annual reporting of the health and well-being of our employees

2)      Providing competent clinical occupational health services to support effective health management.

3)      Actively promote health and wellbeing and the effective management of health.

Will Kinson, HSEQ Partner for Osborne said: “We also pledge to encourage our supply chain partners to endorse at least one of the actions above to implement good health and well-being activities.”

Chris Trodd, Director for HSEQ at Osborne added: “At Osborne we are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of those who work for us. Signing up to this deal, shows our commitment to this important issue.”

 For more information on the Public Health responsibility Deal please go to: