Osborne Highlights Falls from Height

Falls from height are the most common cause of workplace death in the construction industry, with 35 deaths occurring in the UK in the 2013/14 financial year and Osborne is reminding staff of height risks.

There were also around 3000 serious injuries from the same cause during this period, with 60% of these being falls of less than two metres, often from ladders and stepladders.

Osborne is currently focusing its ongoing safety campaign on reminding staff to manage the risks of working at height.  The message questions the need to work at height and whether the work can be managed at ground level; if this is not possible, then preventive measures must be taken to minimise any risks.  All factors are taken into account such as weather conditions, to the frequency and accessibility of the work space; from the worker’s experience to the requirements of the task.

Recently in the press , Heather Bryant, HSE Chief Inspector of Construction reiterated some simple safety lessons which help improve workers’ safety when operating at height. Heather commented: “there are no new risks in work at height, and no excuse for not learning lessons.”

Simon Hillman, HSEQ Assurance and Improvement Advisor, said:  “Safety is always a priority for Osborne at every stage of our work. Basic safety lessons must be learnt and reiterated. Any risks that cannot be removed through design are addressed through construction methodologies and risk assessments.  All our work takes place under trained and experienced supervision taking all possible precautions.  Everyone expects to go home at the end of their shift and, through careful planning, we aim to make that happen every time.”