Osborne Collaboratively Carry Out Emergency Work

Osborne was called upon by Network Rail to carry out emergency works at Pinks Hill near Wood Street in Guildford, Surrey.

After visiting the site with the Network Rail Asset team, we arranged permission from Surrey Wildlife Trust, who own the woodland area around the works, to gain access for the machines onto  the work site.

The works involved excavation to a level below the slip (approx. 400mm), installing gabion baskets in a sequence to avoid further disturbance. We removed the majority of the slip material and then placed granular fill in layers to re-grade the embankment and make the track safe.

One of the problems with refilling the embankment was the presence of the HV cables that run alongside the track, which had dropped due to the slip. Placing fill under these cables involved working with Network Rails’ HV team to arrange protection of the cables and switch outs.

We also worked with the Network Rail maintenance team who monitored the track during the works and reinstated the track ballast.

Anne Browne at Network Rail said, “Many thanks for your work on this. We do appreciate the attitude which Osborne has taken on this job. Great communication and work ethic throughout.”