Osborne Praised for its Top Notch Temporary Work Designs

With the development of many more Year One projects being completed for the One Team Wessex Multi-functional Framework, our site teams, supply partners and designers are working together to ensure that everything is in place for efficient mobilisation of the schemes.  

With the first contracts including a number of bridge reconstructions, station and structural refurbishments, embankment and tunnel repairs; the early design and approval of temporary works and complex access solutions is of paramount importance.

Working collaboratively with our specialist supply partners, temporary works is a fully integrated part of our development process.  Indeed, at a recent temporary works meeting, Network Rail’s Senior Project Engineer, Karl Kan, referred to our temporary works packages as “top notch” and “some of the best he had seen from any contractor”.

 Even with such praise, standing still is never an option. Three months into the framework, we are continuing to refresh processes and procedures for all Temporary Works submissions to ensure we share knowledge and innovation to keep improving and meet our customer’s expectations each and every time.