Osborne Show True Care in the Community

At Osborne, we are proud of those who go the extra mile to offer a personal service to our customers and the surrounding community.

A member of Osborne site staff, Basil Jane,  who works at our Glencarin Road site near Streatham Common, who noticed an elderly woman looking unsteady and short of breath walking nearby to the site.  Having been talking to the lady about the progress of our work, most days on her way to the shops, this change in behaviour was a concern.   Checking to see if the woman was ok, he saw that she was confused and close to passing out, and rang for an ambulance.

As it was 32 degrees, Basil sat her on a stool in the shade and gave her some water as well as finding some cold damp towels to help her cool down.

He re-assured her as he waited with her for the emergency services; he also went along to the hospital with her in the ambulance.

Bob Vidler, Project Manager for Osborne said: “We are proud to be part of communities in which we work, and Basil showed care and compassion towards one of our customers and we wish her a speedy recovery.”