Osborne Achieve an ‘Excellent’ Start for 2014/2015

The first results of the 2014/15 period are in and have once again highlighted Osborne to be achieving an above average score in the construction industry’s Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

With an average score for the construction sector of 39.17, Osborne is excelling above the latest published industry figure of a 35.51 average. Furthermore, our first figures of the year, show an increase on our overall score on 38.22 for the 2013/14 year. The CCS monitors against a Code of Considerate Practice, which encourages best practice beyond statutory requirements and looks to improve the image of the construction industry.

92% of Osborne’s projects achieved a score ‘Beyond Compliance’, which requires seven out of ten points in the five assessed sections of the CCS code: safety, appearance, community, environment and valuing the workforce. Some of our particular project highlights include The Crescent Primary School and Tavistock Infant School who both scored 42 out of 50 points, placing them firmly within the ‘Excellent’ criteria of the scheme.

Andy Burrows, Business Improvement Manager for Osborne explained, “We are incredibly proud to have once again achieved a score above the construction industry’s average. Not only that but we have improved upon our score for the 2013/14 period. It is a clear indicator that we are continually improving the way in which we work. Our task now is to continue to build upon this feedback and maintain delivering this high standard of work to our customers.”