Innovaré Factory Doubles Capacity with New Redesign

Innovaré, a subsidiary company of Osborne, have been busy undertaking a full factory expansion and redesign at their site in Coventry. As such, this will facilitate them to double the factory’s capacity.

The work has been carried out across this week whilst the factory has been shut down. In the meantime, the Operations team has been receiving

training on the new changes, enabling them to adapt processes in line with the new and smoother workflow.
The refit will scale up the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) output, relocating key areas of the production line and maximising efficiency.  By doubling the capacity, it will help to meet the increased demand for energy efficient buildings in the UK. Furthermore, it will help secure the long-term future of Innovarés iSIPs.

Simon Fletcher, Head of Operations, said, “We are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and maximise our capacity, so that we can provide the best value and speed of build for our customers and achieve our promise of Complete Delivery. This will also allow us to take on larger and more ambitious projects. We can be even more flexible on the other ‘added value’ elements that we can offer bespoke to our customers.”