Osborne Saves Time on Waterproofing Work

Osborne completed emergency waterproofing repairs to the M25 Woldingham Rail Bridge in Oxted, near to Junction 6 of the M25 in Surrey, in a single overnight lane closure.

With just a few hours’ notice, Osborne engineers mobilised a surfacing crew and planer to remove the damaged surfacing, investigate the cause and carry out specialist fast-curing waterproofing repairs, resurface and open the road, minimising disruption to the travelling public. 

Osborne was successful due to their sector expertise, which has been developed through collaborative working between the supply chain and different contractors who make up the Connect Plus framework community, that help manage and maintain the M25 road network. 

Previous trials and evaluation of the most effective materials and techniques were tested and the process continually refined to the point that it can now be applied to almost any structure.