A Good Idea Every 15 Minutes

Osborne has been quick off the starters’ blocks exploiting the new workflow capabilities in ‘Work Space’, their information management system.

 As part of Osborne’s desire to capture and share good ideas across the business, they built a process in Work Space which captures and manages improvement opportunities, including health and  safety, innovations in performance and improvement ideas for customer service.  

The process was extremely popular, and captured over 15,000 ideas and actions from our employees, supply chain partners and customers, in the first 24 months of operation, and this led to demands for improvements.  

Osborne used the new work flow capabilities to deliver improvements which  include:

  • removing time-wasting manual interventions
  • giving control and progress of the idea back to its owner
  • allowing the attachment of supporting documents to enable clearer understanding and to speed up the assessment and adoption process.

Rennie Chadwick, Director of IT for Osborne said; “We used the full power of the workflow module to simplify what is a complex workflow process for the user. As part of our continued best practice ethos, we will now accelerate this to make it easier for employees to capture, share, evaluate and implement good ideas across our business.”