Osborne Complete Bridge Works

Osborne’s Infrastructure team have completed a 95K bridge refurbishment at Glencairn Road, in Croydon, as part of our contract with Network Rail.

Throughout the past two and a half years of our contract with Network Rail, we have carried out over 600 structural repairs. Network Rail was satisfied that it only took Osborne eight weeks to complete the maintenance works on the bridge on Glencairn Road.

Osborne made sure that local residents experienced as minimal a disruption as possible by setting up road diversions that still allowed pedestrian access.

Network Rail’s Asset Engineer, Myles Gatherer, commented that, “We are greatly encouraged by Osborne’s responsibility to its individuals and third parties, whether they are directly associated to the site or not.”

Bob Vidler, Project Manager for Osborne, explained that the works were successful because; “We have a dedicated team along with a good supply chain that got to grips with whatever issues we are presented with and work very closely with our customer and local residents.”