Osborne Completes Enabling Works at Forest Education Centre

Osborne have now completed the enabling works for the new Education Centre in the New Forest, Hampshire. These enabling works include building a new school route and creating a new car park. Now these enabling works are complete, the main construction of the new school can begin.

The Forest Education Centre specialises in providing an education for children between the ages of 11 and 16 who have been excluded from school or who are considered to be too emotionally vulnerable or medically unwell to attend mainstream education.

Head teacher at the Centre, Dominic Coburn said; “The school is pleased to report that their excellent working partnership with Osborne is allowing an additional educational opportunity for pupils to understand the construction industry and what is involved in planning and completing a new, thoroughly modern, purpose-built facility in which future generations will grow, learn and achieve.”

The school is situated on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which prioritises conservation. Earlier this year, the Osborne Team had an unexpected encounter with an abundance of protected slow worms and grass snakes, as well as families of voles, during site examinations. Working in close consultation with Hampshire Country Council Ecologists, Osborne’s Ecology Team captured and relocated over 500 slow worms and other wildlife to a safe location.