Osborne Awarded Surrey School Contract

Osborne has been awarded a £1.5million contract through the iESE framework to build a new single-storey extension at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Osborne will expand the school from a one form to two form entry, enabling a further 210 pupils to join.  The new building is set to include six new classrooms, toilet block and a bigger playground.

Osborne have begun working on site and are due to complete the work in June 2015.

Alongside the expansion of the school, this project is set to be a great learning experience for the children.

The Osborne site team have included vision panels in the hoarding so that the children can view the works from their existing playground, and are also carrying out a number of assemblies on safety around sites. The children will also have the opportunity to embrace their creative sides as part of their art projects to help decorate the playground-facing hoarding.