Going ‘Back to the Floor’

Employees within Osborne Property Services have recently been given the opportunity to experience working across different areas of the business in a ‘Back to the Floor’ event.

Across all of Osborne’s housing contracts – Ascham Homes, Affinity Sutton, Winchester County Council and Dacorum Borough Council – employees were encouraged to swap their desks for a hi-vis and tools, and vice versa. This was a great chance to enable colleagues to see work from a different perspective. and to further develop the relationships between the teams and across the contracts, whilst also picking up some new skills too.

Nick Sterling, Managing Director of Osborne Property Services, explained:

“Now in it’s third year, the ‘Back to the Floor’ initiative has proved hugely successful and a great experience for us within Property Services – it  is annual event that we all look forward to. It’s an important opportunity for each team member to learn a new skill, understand the role of their colleague and build on relationships across the business.”

Indeed, this year Nick went ‘Back to the Floor’ to spend the day at our Ascham Homes contract on the call centre floor. Being able to listen to the customers in a live environment further has further enhanced Property Services’ understanding of their customers’ needs, whilst also demonstrating how effective the team are at responding to them.

Nick added, “Going back to the floor ultimately helps us to deliver a better service for our customers”.