Osborne Start South London Enabling Works

Osborne have begun enabling works at Elephant and Castle in South London on the Crossway project.  Osborne were awarded the project by Southwark Borough Council, and stage one of this project requires the demolition of a number of currently not-in-use buildings and garages, before stage 2 (which is yet to be awarded) will see the building of Christina Church, expected early in 2015.Careful planning and delivery are required as this work is taking place in close proximity to the Strata Tower and underground car park.

Sit Manager Roman Baran said:  “This is an interesting project for several reasons:  the work is deceptively complex for what appears to be a small scheme; it requires extremely careful planning and communication to ensure the work is carried out efficiently without disruption or disturbance to our neighbours.  We are, however, confident of achieving our goals as planned.”