Osborne Helps Grow Future Success

Nycki Bertie, local labour co-ordinator for the Kender Phase 4 project was asked to speak on the topic of ‘business opportunity and corporate social responsibility’ at a recent Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration (DELI) Conference.  

DELI (Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration) is a joint project of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, carried out in co-operation with the Migration Policy Group, and is aimed at adopting more local policies to support migrated-owned SMEs (Small, Medium Enterprises).   

Kender Phase 4 is a housing project in New Cross, London, comprising 204 units with a mix of private, shared and rented tenures.  As part of the project, Nycki has worked closely with Lewisham Business Advisory Services, in particular with Ruth Brothwell, whose main responsibility was to introduce local trades that may be interested in a submitting a work package. As a result of this, Ruth asked Nycki to speak at the conference on how Osborne engages with small local businesses.    

Ruth Brothwell said:  “As a leading member of the Lewisham Business Advisory Service and as one of the audience of the recent DELI conference, I should like to reiterate our thanks for the contribution Osborne made and in particular for the speech made by your representative Nycki Bertie. We hope to have Osborne involved further as we take this initiative forward. It is so valuable to all the small businesses that aim to work locally with contractors.”  

The event ended with a networking session and, although initially nervous, Nycki says she enjoyed the experience and hopes the future brings further opportunities to give advice and encourage migrant-owned small businesses to grow, helping them to become potential suppliers to the construction industry.