Osborne Prove to be Best in Class

Brand new Key Performance Indicator scores (KPIs) released have highlighted Osborne picking up top marks at Tavistock Infant School in Fleet, Hampshire.

Osborne has achieved these scores at Tavistock following a project review, after they finished the Hampshire school project, eight weeks ahead of schedule. Osborne’s works consisted of successfully completing a new build extension, enabling the school to increase their pupil intake with three new enfant classes with ICT, and a library linked by a new enclosed corridor. Osborne also carried out landscape works, as well as a car park extension.

Tavistock has formed part of Osborne’s work within the Improvement and Efficiency South East (iESE) framework. The Improvement and Efficiency South East (IESE) was established to provide a centre of expertise to assist local authorities in the south east of England to deliver capital projects collaboratively and with improved efficiencies.

As such, on its completion, the project was reviewed within the iESE framework and scored across a broad range of categories, including design, project and cost management, and also project collaboration.  Marked on a scale from one to ten – Osborne saw four scores of 10/10. This great result also follows on from Tavistock’s iESE end user survey following the project’s completion in September 2014, which also saw Osborne pick up 10s across the board.

Some of the feedback included remarking on the ‘excellent’ supply chain partner collaboration and engagement which better improves project time and working within budget, as well as meeting the need for clear cost management.

Guy Dawes, Osborne Framework Manager, explained, “We are delighted with the outcome – both of the overall project works and the scoring.  Teamwork and collaboration at every stage helped the successful delivery for our customers.”