BIM makes it better

Fred Mills, Osborne Pre-Construction Manager, recently spoke with Construction Manager’s BIM+ about what led him to launch BIM video resource, The B1M.

The success and reach of The B1M (the ‘BIM one million’ – focused on getting BIM to a wider audience) led to it being shortlisted for Construction News BIM Initiative of the Year in 2014, whilst Fred was also named Constructing Excellence’s Achiever of the Year in London and the South East last summer.

Fred also spoke about how The B1M aligns with Osborne’s approach to BIM implementation:

“I’m really immersed in BIM implementation; I’m one of several BIM champions across the company. We’ve been careful not to create BIM managers – if you give someone a specific role, then it becomes their responsibility alone. So we’ve tried to identify the advocates at all levels and sectors of the business, making them ambassadors for working in a BIM environment, encouraging others with their example”

Fred also pointed out that BIM adoption is possibly easier at Osborne than at larger contractors, thanks to its manageable size and flatter management structure – “We’re more agile. It’s a smaller journey to travel, with fewer people to up-skill than in a major company,” he explained.

You can read Fred’s interview with BIM+ in full by clicking here.