M4 Elevated Pier Strengthening Scheme- Simple Barriers create Safe Behaviours

Osborne have successfully completed Package 1 of the Pier Strengthening Scheme to the elevated section of the M4, through competitive tendering of Package 2 and direct award by Connect Plus and the Highways for Package 3 we will now be completing the whole works.

The team, although progressing well with Package 2 have worked collaboratively with Connect Plus to improve on any efficiencies and improvements. Their passion for learning and sharing to ensure every one of their people returns home safely remains at the top of their agenda.

A simple, but highly effective idea to include barriers at regular intervals within the required lane closures has had a significant effect on driver behaviour both in terms of speed and attempts to enter the closed carriageway. Drivers appear much more respectful of the adjacent works and the reduced speed clearly reduces the inherent risks to our workforce.