Onward to cost savings with Onwave

Osborne’s Head of IT, Phil Gilbey, recently spoke with Vigilance: The Security Magazine regarding the successful on-going partnership with Onwave to improve IT access for construction sites. As such, this service has helped to avoid delays in time and cost.

To date, Osborne has deployed Onwave to around 15 sites across the UK.

“The setup time is now measured in days instead of weeks or months and we now have a fixed cost and guaranteed level of connectivity,” explains Phil Gilbey, “For longer projects, we can order an ADSL connection from Onwave who then switch over to this when it is installed on site. As this is just a connectivity source for the Onwave service that is already on site, we can remove the 3G/4G connectivity which means our monthly costs are reduced, bandwidth goes up but we don’t have any disruption in terms of reconfiguring routing tables, access points, firewalls or VPNs. This method allows us to transition our connectivity needs over the course of the project and then stop immediately when the project is finished.”

The Onwave service handles around 300GB of data each month for Osborne at sites ranging from larger academic and health developments to smaller, shorter duration road and rail projects.

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