Osborne Opens its Doors

Open Doors events across the country will see construction companies opening some of their sites for the general public to take a “behind the scenes” look and to ask those who make it happen, all about what they do.

Aimed at demonstrating the diversity of the construction industry to those who may be looking to pursue a career in construction, or who just have a genuine interest in the work behind the hoardings, this is a unique opportunity for Osborne to showcase their work. 

Opening their doors for Osborne this year will be the site at Portesbery Special Education Needs School in Deepcut, Camberley. Due for completion in summer this year, the site are looking to promote the wide range of skills that have come together to create the building and more generally what it is like to be a part of Osborne.
Hudson Holt, Osborne Site Manager, explained, “It’s a privilege to open our site doors and be part of bringing in the next generation of construction workers.”

Stephen Ratcliffe, Director of UKCG, commented: “We are really pleased to have Osborne taking part in Open Doors Weekend. It is a unique opportunity for the industry to display the complexity, excitement and scope of modern construction projects and give people a taste of what it’s really like to work in the industry.”

Osborne’s site team look forward to welcoming their attendees for the weekend in this short video: https://vimeo.com/118250453