Local Community Excellence in Essex

Osborne is focused on putting their customers at the heart of everything they do. Recently the Highways team who are working for Essex in Basildon, Essex, under the Eastern Highways Alliance, went the extra mile to accommodate the needs of the community.

Carole Moore, a local resident emailed  Osborne thanking the team for their kind consideration:

“As we are all aware, when road works are being done, the works vehicles have flashing beacon lights. For two days we sat with our lounge curtains closed to block these out due to my partner having Epilepsy. I spoke to a couple of the workmen and by the next day there were signs on the fencing barriers all around the area saying ‘No beacon lights in this work area’. I couldn’t believe that they had not just turned them off but made everybody else aware of the situation and enforced it.

This week, a notice was put up that there will be night works taking place for resurfacing the roads. I was quite concerned about this but when I approached some of the workmen, I was surprised that they were all aware of the situation! We then went to speak to the Site Manager and explained how grateful we were for their efforts. He explained what procedures had been put in place to accommodate us whilst the road closure and night works were being undertaken. We were quite shocked at the response to the attitude of all those we had spoken to about the problem – we don’t usually get positive responses to requests of help with situations like this!

There is always so much negativity when this much work is undertaken, with people moaning about inconvenience and disruption to their daily routines, but we would like to thank all those involved in the works for their understanding in this matter.”