Osborne Progresses Work on Surrey schools

Osborne is progressing well with its work on its Surrey schools.

At St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Leatherhead, Surrey, Osborne have built a new single-storey extension expanding the school from a one form to two form entry, enabling a further 210 pupils to join. The new building is set to include six new classrooms, toilet block and a bigger playground. The Osborne site team have been very involved with the school and local community so far, providing monthly updates to them. The children have been given the opportunity to be shown around the works and have taken part in school assemblies, covering subjects as Safety on Site and how cranes work. Osborne has included vision panels in the hoarding so that the children can view the works from their existing playground and see the progress. 

Similarly, at Hillcroft Primary School in Caterham, Surrey, Osborne has built a single storey extension, which will house three classrooms and disabled toilet facilities. This extension work will allow the school to take in a further 100 pupils.
Over the six month project at Hillcroft, vision panels and bird boxes were added to the existing hoarding and disused pallets were provided to help the children build insect nests.  Safety presentations were given to the pupils at the start of the project, making them aware of the hazards of working on a building site. In support of the local community, further wood was donated to a local retirement home to build community bird boxes. 

Both the St Peter’s and Hillcroft are due to finish this summer and these projects are supported by the Improvement & Efficiency Social Enterprise which works with public sector organisations to help them achieve better outcomes at lower costs.