Osborne Delivers Early Arrival

Osborne completed work at Vauxhall railway station, a month ahead of schedule, returning Platforms 7 and 8, two of the busiest commuter platforms in the country, to Network Rail.

Through Osborne’s successful completion of a comprehensive platform refurbishment scheme at Vauxhall Station, the gap between the trains and platforms 7 and 8 has been greatly reduced, which will give commuters easier access whilst getting on and off trains.

As a narrow island, platforms 7 and 8 at Vauxhall station are extremely busy during peak times, giving commuters little room to move. For these reasons the island platform has one of the worst incident records on the route.

Osborne worked closely with their designers and supply chain partners to overcome some significant design challenges, particularly with regards to reducing the stepping distance, making it safer for commuters. Osborne were also able to utilize an abnormal weekend possession to complete these works, all within 52 hours.

Additional weekend closures enabled Osborne to complete the refurbishment with a minimum of disruption to customers and return possession of the platforms to Network Rail and the travelling public.