Osborne Providing Extra Care in Southwark

Osborne has begun work on the Cator Street Extra Care project which sees them creating 42 care units in the London Borough of Southwark. 

These extra units will provide comfortable homes for dementia patients, along with communal areas for residents and visitors.

The £10m project is in close proximity to both commercial and residential properties, including the Damilola Taylor Sports Centre and Damilola Taylor Estate.  As part of the project, Osborne aims to provide local members of the community with employment opportunities, as well as organising and supporting social events.

Similar to Osborne building, Kingfisher Court, the £31million acute mental health unit facilities for Hertfordshire Partnership NHS University Foundation Trust, this project will provide a dignified home for its residents.

Eamon Flynn, Project Manager said:  “This is a great project – both challenging and rewarding – helping Southwark create homes for those in need of care.  Following on from the great success of Kingfisher Court in Hertfordshire, this will make a huge difference to dementia patients and their families.  In addition, we are working in a very busy location and are carefully planning how to deliver these works with a minimum of disruption to local businesses and residents.”