Osborne Lends a Hand

Osborne has recently been “Going Green” at a community event in Walthamstow.

Osborne operatives visited the Hatherley House communal garden to help residents embrace their inner green gods and goddesses.

With the team on hand to help, families were shown how to use drills, saw wood and varnish some new raised beds, which were made using recycled wood and scaffolding boards.

The children also got the chance to plant bamboo, shrubs, herbs and flowers, bringing the community together and offering a new lease of life to the local area.

Nelia Cetin, Chair of Hatherley House Tenants, Residents and Leaseholders Association explained, “The idea behind the event was to get the community to bond as well as educate. It was great to see everyone getting involved and having fun and the garden looks great!”