More than a Model

Osborne is breaking new ground with their BIM toolbox in the rail world.

The One Team Wessex contract which looks after rail, is demonstrating that BIM is much more than just a 3D Model, with their ever growing use across both individual projects and for tracking people, surveys and equipment.

Through several schemes, they are already using BIM as a tool for planning, monitoring, developing and engaging with others. They are also showcasing their work, creating a sound foundation for a data rich future.

At an Osborne site in Grayswood, Surrey, through instant issue recording, root cause tracking and issue trending, they reduced both the site visit requirements and paperwork. By reviewing the electronic system, the Osborne team were able to resolve issues efficiently and remotely, saving time and money.

Matt Smith, Head of Development One Team Wessex said: “We are really excited at the opportunities the team are creating to bring both BIM and data management into the heart of our teams and projects. Through collaborative working with Network Rail and our supply chain partners, we are utilising BIM technology to ensure our resources are better used to add value and choose solutions which are more effective to create a focused outcome.”

Osborne teams are using electronic records to trend issues and as well as to carry out root cause analysis of all audits. With instant reporting from anywhere, a legacy of information is immediately available for sharing lessons learned. This is the start of something exciting as Osborne move into 4D simulations for future planned deck replacements.