Osborne Completes Surrey Station Works

Osborne has completed work at East Horsley Railway Station as part of the Wessex Framework improvements.

Osborne engineers worked to replace copers and resurface the platforms. They upgraded the car park lighting system and provided new platform lights which have sensors, making the lights brighter as people walk towards them. The copers at the station have also been raised, which means that getting on and off trains is easier for commuters.

Jan Evans, an East Horsley resident who uses the station said “Regular commuters such as myself, will benefit from the improved facilities such as the new toilets and lighting whilst using the station.”

Osborne also undertook other works whilst they were there, such as rewiring and upgrading the power supply.  
Nigel Howell, Osborne Site Manager said: “We are pleased to have completed the works at East Horsley and to improve the facilities for commuters.”

Osborne, who rebranded a year ago, from a blue to a magenta colour have just celebrated completing “Year One” of the extensive £250million five year Multi-functional Framework in its partnership with Network Rail. This framework sees Osborne developing, designing and delivering enhancements, building and civils work in the Wessex Route.