Osborne Helps Local Community

Osborne Property Services Team found their inner gardening Gods and Goddesses, swapping their computers and desks for paint brushes and trowels in aid of Ascham Connects Week.

Over 300 of Ascham Homes’ staff got involved in the scheme, including the eager Osborne team, to help the local community in around 20 estates and sheltered housing blocks benefit from small improvement jobs. These included gardening tidy-ups and communal area painting.

Osborne  Property Services’ Ascham team worked closely with the Walthamstow residents, helping to refurbish benches and installing a garden storage box, as well as painting an old wall with a fresh new backdrop.

Jim, a resident at Plaxton Court, explained, “I am very pleased with the end result, and the combined effort from Ascham Homes and Osborne. Each person helping to take part really put in a lot of effort to make their own mark on the project. Thanks for all of your help!”

Neal Allison, Osborne Community Investment Manager, was also on hand to help with the gardening spruce up. He explained, “It was inspiring to see how residents have already started making improvements to their garden themselves. I’m glad that Ascham Homes and Osborne could give them a little more help and support.”