Osborne Completes Refurbishment of Victory Arch at Waterloo

Osborne is working to refurbish Waterloo Train Station and as part of this, the renovation of the iconic Victory Arch has now been completed.

The project included the replacement of four cracked stones on two of the columns, which is the only listed part of Waterloo Station.

The Victory Arch entrance is also one of the busiest entrances to the station, with thousands of people passing through every day, making the project more challenging.

Osborne put scaffolding  in place and used  lifting equipment to remove the stones, before replacing with matching stone.

The central metalwork which holds the lanterns in place was found to be rusted and replaced, with the remaining metalwork being repainted to fit the Station colour scheme.

Finally, the lighting to the lanterns was overhauled, with the bulbs being replaced with LED to reduce future maintenance requirements.