Osborne Uses New Safety Solution

Osborne is using a new bit of kit at its Effingham site in Surrey and it is making life safer for cherry picker operators. Engineers at Effingham Junction are using one such device to increase safety while replacing the depot’s roof.

Called ‘SanctuaryZone’ it is a steel structure that prevents the machine operator from being crushed. It fits on to, and projects above, the cherry picker’s platform to give extra protection.

Martyn Grout, Assistant Site Manager for Osborne, said: “The SanctuaryZone has an arm which comes out like a fan and stops the cherry picker’s basket from coming into contact with the wall or structure and therefore prevents crushing. Operators like it because not only is it safe, it does not get in the way. It lets them get on with their work.”

In addition, the angled steelwork helps keep safety netting away from the operator, preventing snagging.

SanctuaryZone was developed by WorkZone which worked closely with the Health and Safety Executive in its development, subjecting it to rigorous and exhaustive trialling in the process.

Tim Garbutt Head of Safety and Sustainable Development at Network Rail said: “The use of innovation is key to us achieving our vision of everyone home safe everyday.  Osborne’s use of SanctuaryZone demonstrates their commitment to safer solutions. This great example will hopefully inspire more people to seek out better and safer ways of working.”