New Station Building Up and Watertight in One Week

Osborne has completed and handed over the first phase of works at Whitton Station in south-west London.

Working in partnership with Network Rail, the Osborne team has improved the station’s cycle facilities, as well as rebuilding the main station building. This has featured the use of SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) technology from Osborne’s subsidiary company, Innovaré, making Whitton the first station in the UK to be built using this method.

The SIPs are made off site and delivered on a ‘Just-in-time’ (JIT) basis, reducing the build time and minimising the need for storage, deliveries, labour and materials on-site. This also reduces noise and dust pollution, as well as saving the customer time and money.

The station has been clad in a traditional brick finish and expanded to include in an  improved ticket office, dedicated staff areas and disabled toilet access. A new basement area provides much needed additional storage capacity and customers will be able to utilise a new coffee shop and improved taxi offices based inside the station.

Innovaré Business Development Manager, Paul Inch, said: “We are pleased to be working closely with South West Trains, Network Rail and Osborne to deliver a brand new station, whilst helping them maintain customer access.”

Bruce Williams, Osborne Senior Site Manager, added: “The scheme is revolutionary as it uses Innovare’s SIPs for the walls and roof panels. As these are constructed off site, this enabled us to put up the building and make it water tight within a week.”

Phase two of the work is due to start in November, when Osborne will return to the site to replace the pedestrian bridge, as well as modernising the platforms with improved draining, signage and resurfacing.