Osborne Achieves Best Ever Rail Assurance Audit Results

Osborne has completed its most successful annual Rail Assurance Audit results putting them amongst the highest achievers on a National level.

Following the completion of the annual Achilles RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) Link-up audit where Osborne achieved four stars, the auditor made positive comments relating to Osborne’s recent period of Zero AFR; the Appointment of Supplier Relationship Managers to key suppliers; the use and promotion of ‘Improvement Opportunities’ and the Collaborative involvement of suppliers on STOPThink! coaching sessions.

The Auditor concluded the report saying that there has been “a tangible step change in the last 12 months and Osborne have exceeded all expectations of the audit outcomes.”

These results followed the NSARE (National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering) audit, where Osborne received an ‘Outstanding’ classification which was an improvement from the ‘good’ rating received last year.

Daren Norris, Osborne Head of Rail Assurance said: “These fantastic results are all due to a lot of hard work and effort by everyone in Osborne. By achieving these continued results, it will allow us to tender for the next round of multifunctional framework contracts with Network Rail, securing our long term future in the rail industry.”

These results completed Osborne’s best ever annual Rail Assurance Audit results, coming after receiving the highest results in both the PC Licence Audit and the Achilles UBDV Audit earlier this year.