Osborne Spreads Winter Preparedness Message

Winter can easily be the most challenging time for driving on UK roads: it gets dark early and the winter weather can bring all sorts of hazards – not just snow and ice, but hail, heavy rain, high winds, fog and flooding.

Highways England and local authorities up and down the country have made their plans and have fleets on standby ready to keep roads open.  You too can take steps ahead of winter so you will be able to drive safe, avoid breaking down and help reduce the risk of disruption.

Is your vehicle ready for winter?
In winter weather it’s more important than ever to see and be seen, have tyres that grip the road and to know your car will start in the cold and damp.

Many garages offer a quick, pre-winter check-up for your car.

See and be seen: check windscreen wipers and washers, window demisters, and all lights are working correctly.

Grip the road: check tyre condition and tread depth.

Starting in the cold and damp: check battery condition and anti-freeze.

Finally, get your winter kit ready: ice scraper, de-icer, jump leads, shovel, blanket, sunglasses (for winter glare from the low sun), torch. Get all these things ready at the start of winter and then keep them in the car – you never know when you might need them.