Osborne Using Ground Radar at Royal Holloway

Osborne has started using 3D Ground Penetrating Radar at Royal Holloway University in London as part of a £2million expansion of the project.

Osborne are delivering a £43million Library and Student Services Centre and are building upon the strong working relationship developed with the University, using 3D Ground Penetrating Radar to survey the area as they continue to redevelop the campus infrastructure.

The scheme requires a new service and infrastructure upgrade, which will be routed through the main road around the university campus, whilst maintaining access at all times.

Using lessons learnt from working alongside fellow contractors within the Connect Plus Framework, Osborne is using the 3D Ground Penetrating Radar to generate a fully realised view of what lies beneath, in order to route the main works through the heavily congested area.

Osborne Project Director, John Richardson said: “The 3D Ground Penetrating Radar really is a fantastic tool. It’s letting us safely explore the ground beneath our feet, giving us a fully detailed view of what will be required. Through our collaboration with our supply partners, we are generating exciting new relationships, discovering new innovate methods and techniques, helping us deliver our customer focused solutions.”